About i4Games

i4Games is a Games Services Provider (GSP) run by gamers for gamers.
i4Games started in May 2002 with a single 10-players iCTF Unreal Tournament server hosted in the i4NET office. This server was proposed as a "replacement" to 3d.win.be iCTF server which were closed in late April 2002.
Quickly, i4Games became more and more popular and the website was officially launched in January 2003 while the server was counting more than 3000 players!

The purpose of i4Games is to offer a new and unique online gaming experience.
Read on to find out what i4Games is and is going to be...

  1.  Private Servers
  2.  Statistics
  3.  i4Games League

 Private Servers

Since January 2004, i4Games turned all its public servers into private servers. That means that only members can join the servers. Anyone can become a member. It is totally free; we only ask accurate personal information in order to prevent eventual laming or cheating (and also to send you prizes if you win a league/tournament).
Our servers are protected by the most efficient anti-cheat system. We also have quite a few trustees who help us moderating the servers.


i4Games has a very complete statistics system. Statistics are good to introduce some competition between players and to offer players a way to see how they improve.
Charts and evolution graphs are one of the planned improvements of our statistics system.

 i4Games League

We are in the process of organizing an i4Games League. Its rules and concepts will be different than existing leagues and you will also have the chance to win prizes (games, consoles, etc.).
Stay tuned for more information...