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WhenMapRatingMemberRecordYour time
Thu Jul 26(bar)VeryEasy CTF-BT-(bar)VeryEasy
 Rating: 1
fierd_617.330(for members only)
Fri Jun 08The Badlands Express CTF-BT+The_Badlands_Express
 Rating: 2
fierd_638.202(for members only)
Wed May 16Dangerous_Volcano CTF-BT-Dangerous_Volcano
 Rating: 6
Addic7ed01:24.973(for members only)
Wed May 16Television Rules The Nation CTF-BT-TelevisionRulezNation-v2
 Rating: 2
*WeeDy*47.454(for members only)
Tue May 15BT-Beginning (v2) CTF-BT-(Flea)Beginning-v2
 Rating: 4
}ElitE{Bon49.510(for members only)
Sat May 12BT-HammerStageng3 CTF-BT-(ow)HammerStageng3
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*14.108(for members only)
Thu May 10BT: SlimeZone CTF-BT-SlimeZone
 Rating: 3
fierd_259.192(for members only)
Sat May 05BT-nR CTF-BT-NR
 Rating: 9
fierd_601:53.146(for members only)
Fri May 04(CN)AloneInTheDark CTF-BT-(CN)AloneInTheDark
 Rating: 2
}ElitE{Bon50.576(for members only)
Fri May 04BT-Shit - Harder Version - CTF-BT-Shit
 Rating: 1
Addic7ed40.418(for members only)
Wed May 02}ElitE{Spy`Z_ CTF-BT-Spyhunter-v2
 Rating: 2
}ElitE{Bon01:11.353(for members only)
Wed May 02BT-Targeteng Zero CTF-BT-(ow)Targeteng0-v3
 Rating: 3
}ElitE{Bon01:30.996(for members only)
Fri Apr 27BT-[u4g]Corridors_EvE CTF-BT-[u4g]Corridors_EvE-fix
 Rating: 2
Addic7ed53.191(for members only)
Thu Apr 26BT-CastleRightEZ CTF-BT-CastleRightEZ-fixAddic7ed01:23.248(for members only)
Wed Apr 25BT-Suckmetoo (v3) CTF-BT-SuckmeToo-v3
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*20.692(for members only)
Thu Apr 19Bunny Track : Source of Lava CTF-BT-SourCeOfLaVa
 Rating: 1
fierd_201:12.268(for members only)
Thu Apr 19Nice Little Rush Map 3! CTF-BT-NLRM_3-vF
 Rating: 4
*WeeDy*30.510(for members only)
Tue Apr 17BT-(ow)Simpleng CTF-BT-(ow)Simpleng
 Rating: 1
fierd_222.615(for members only)
Mon Apr 16A Little Fun -[z1]-Fix CTF-BT-A-Little-Fun-[z1]-Fix2
 Rating: 1
fierd_216.399(for members only)
Mon Apr 16SmallSpaceShip CTF-BT-SmallSpaceShip
 Rating: 1
}ElitE{HellFire`38.388(for members only)
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Bold records are certified records made on the BunnyTrack Rush servers (BT3 and BT4)

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