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Sat Sep 18BT FireDoor CTF-BT-FireDoor}ElitE{Hell`02:14.060(for members only)
Sat Sep 18(meg)Assinine (v2) CTF-BT-(meg)Assinine-v2
 Rating: 3
}ElitE{Hell`49.989(for members only)
Sat Sep 18(meg)MoStOFiTV2 CTF-BT-(meg)MoStOfiT
 Rating: 6
p-a-w-e-l02:51.872(for members only)
Fri Sep 17Dodge Duel CTF-BT-DodgeDuel
 Rating: 1
fierd_248.208(for members only)
Fri Sep 17Xian CTF-BT-(UTW)Xian
 Rating: 6
p-a-w-e-l01:12.521(for members only)
Fri Sep 17(CN)BouletLand (v2) CTF-BT+(CN)BouletLand-v2
 Rating: 3
p-a-w-e-l01:39.550(for members only)
Fri Sep 17Decline CTF-BT-Declinev2
 Rating: 9
p-a-w-e-l01:35.189(for members only)
Thu Sep 16BT : La tombe des FRA (vF) CTF-BT-(Kh)TombeDesFRA-vF
 Rating: 6
p-a-w-e-l03:03.369(for members only)
Thu Sep 16BT-Chyandour CTF-BT-Chyandour-v1
 Rating: 6
p-a-w-e-l03:27.963(for members only)
Thu Sep 16BT+: Hazy Maze Cave CTF-BT+(V)HazyMazeCave
 Rating: 8
p-a-w-e-l03:07.428(for members only)
Thu Sep 16Coastal-Temple CTF-BT-Coastal-Temple_dbl
 Rating: 4
p-a-w-e-l03:30.184(for members only)
Wed Sep 15Underwater Base (v2) CTF-BT-UnderwaterBase-v2
 Rating: 6
p-a-w-e-l02:45.401(for members only)
Wed Sep 15BT-RedPlanet CTF-BT-RedPlanet
 Rating: 4
p-a-w-e-l03:33.092(for members only)
Wed Sep 15BT-[ZL]BaByLoN-v3 CTF-BT-[ZL]BaByLoN-v3
 Rating: 3
p-a-w-e-l01:48.244(for members only)
Tue Sep 14BT : Warlord'sCrypt CTF-BT-(W)Warlord'sCrypt
 Rating: 3
}ElitE{Hell`58.770(for members only)
Tue Sep 14(bar)ForMoli-v3 CTF-BT-(bar)ForMoli-v3
 Rating: 5
p-a-w-e-l03:37.991(for members only)
Tue Sep 14Qubit: 2^10^3 CTF-BT-Qubit-v2
 Rating: 6
p-a-w-e-l47.117(for members only)
Tue Sep 14(CN)KeskisPath CTF-BT-(CN)KeskisPath
 Rating: 7
p-a-w-e-l02:10.946(for members only)
Mon Sep 13Oregon Coast CTF-BT-Old-Shipyard-v2
 Rating: 4
p-a-w-e-l01:42.671(for members only)
Sun Sep 12BT-Pergamon CTF-BT-(alc)Pergamon-v2
 Rating: 5
p-a-w-e-l01:50.453(for members only)
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Bold records are certified records made on the BunnyTrack Rush servers (BT3 and BT4)

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