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WhenMapRatingMemberRecordYour time
Mon May 18NuttyRush CTF-BT-NuttyRush
 Rating: 1
}ElitE{Bon10.558(for members only)
Mon May 18Ocean Run CTF-BT-OceanRun}ElitE{HellFire`13.156(for members only)
Sun May 17Shift NW CTF-BT-ShiftNW
 Rating: 1
TDN-Berserker29.912(for members only)
Sun May 17BT-Toxination CTF-BT-Toxination-dbl
 Rating: 3
Franky`42.652(for members only)
Sun May 17BerlinWall CTF-BT-(DN)-BerlinWall
 Rating: 1
Franky`43.859(for members only)
Sun May 17BT-[T-BiG]M4xPP CTF-BT-[T-BiG]M4xPP-fix
 Rating: 4
Franky`40.118(for members only)
Sat May 16The Edge of Forever CTF-BT-EdgeOfForeverV3
 Rating: 7
!!Frit!!Viandel04:31.529(for members only)
Sat May 16Television Rules The Nation CTF-BT-TelevisionRulezNation-v2
 Rating: 2
TDN-Berserker42.781(for members only)
Thu May 14ZNNYB-Entering Bright Waters CTF-BT-EnteringBrightWatersV3Fix
 Rating: 1
Franky`36.566(for members only)
Wed May 13Rush as a MF CTF-BT-RushAsAMf(EV)
 Rating: 1
Franky`29.711(for members only)
 Rating: 2
Franky`36.148(for members only)
Wed May 13BT-[ZL]Avange-Practice CTF-BT-[ZL]Avange-Practice
 Rating: 2
Franky`34.230(for members only)
Wed May 13BT: Remnants Of Tartarus Easy Version v2, by SAFeSTeR CTF-BT-TartarusEZ-v2
 Rating: 3
Sir.SAFeSTeR03:24.279(for members only)
Wed May 13On Top Of The World - Fix CTF-BT-(Cal)OnTopOfTheWorld-Fix
 Rating: 3
Franky`42.228(for members only)
Wed May 13Egypt_Temple CTF-BT-Egypt_Temple
 Rating: 5
Franky`01:15.984(for members only)
Sun May 10WhyRushLvL2 CTF-BT-WhyRushLvL2
 Rating: 3
Franky`01:52.086(for members only)
Sun May 10BT-DouceLueur CTF-BT-DouceLueur
 Rating: 5
Franky`02:08.805(for members only)
Fri May 08BT+ZeldaQuest-dbl CTF-BT+ZeldaQuest-dbl3
 Rating: 4
Franky`03:05.510(for members only)
Tue May 05Hydroponics CTF-BT-HydroponicsV4
 Rating: 4
dEv^-01:29.713(for members only)
Tue May 05Marceline'sDreams CTF-BT-Marceline'sDreams
 Rating: 6
Franky`04:59.765(for members only)
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Bold records are certified records made on the BunnyTrack Rush servers (BT3 and BT4)

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