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WhenMapRatingMemberRecordYour time
Sun Jul 05RecoilV2 CTF-BT-RecoilV2*WeeDy*40(for members only)
Fri Jul 03TheHall CTF-BT-TheHall
 Rating: 2
*WeeDy*20(for members only)
Tue Jun 23MedievalCastle CTF-BT-MedievalCastle!!Frit!!Viandel02:31(for members only)
Wed Jun 17Dispersion CTF-BT-DispersionV4RoelerCoaster01:56(for members only)
Mon Jun 15PerilousFacility CTF-BT-PerilousFacility
 Rating: 6
PatriK.pX302:33(for members only)
Sat Jun 13Toxic X-A3202 CTF-BT-KG-Toxic
 Rating: 5
}ElitE{Bon58(for members only)
Sat Jun 13Ascend Kicker Gun CTF-BT-KG-Ascend
 Rating: 4
}ElitE{Bon29(for members only)
Thu Jun 11AcidFactory CTF-BT-AcidFactoryPatriK.pX302:15(for members only)
Sun Jun 07RushThis 2020 CTF-BT-RushThis2020
 Rating: 1
fierd_223(for members only)
Sun Jun 07BT-HammerStageng5 CTF-BT-(ow)HammerStageng5
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*14(for members only)
Sun Jun 07BT-HammerStageng4 CTF-BT-(ow)HammerStageng4
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*11(for members only)
Sun Jun 07BT: DoggyStyle OMGPLZ! (Cats suck ass) CTF-BT-DoggyStyle
 Rating: 1
fierd_239(for members only)
Sun Jun 07(bar)Wizard * By BarCode * CTF-BT-(bar)Wizard-Fix
 Rating: 1
fierd_225(for members only)
Sat Jun 06Siberia Run CTF-BT-SiberiaRunfierd_214(for members only)
Sat Jun 06BT-HammerStageng1 CTF-BT-(ow)HammerStageng1
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*09(for members only)
Thu Jun 04BT-HammerStageng3 CTF-BT-(ow)HammerStageng3
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*16(for members only)
Thu Jun 04BT-HammerStageng2 CTF-BT-(ow)HammerStageng2
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*13(for members only)
Wed Jun 03(CN)SmartBunny (EZ SE) CTF-BT+(CN)SmartBunny-EZ-SE
 Rating: 4
DiegO.pX405:45(for members only)
Mon Jun 01BT-XidiaGoldMine CTF-BT-XidiaGoldMine
 Rating: 4
Franky`01:11(for members only)
Mon Jun 01DarkRushie CTF-BT-DarkRushiee(fix)
 Rating: 1
Franky`01:13(for members only)
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Bold records are certified records made on the BunnyTrack Rush servers (BT3 and BT4)

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