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WhenMapRatingMemberRecordYour time
TodayBlocks Kicker Gun CTF-BT-KG-BlocksTDN-Berserker28(for members only)
YesterdayHyper Kicker Gun CTF-BT-KG-HyperV3TDN-Berserker01:17(for members only)
MondaySynthetic CTF-BT-SyntheticV2mAus`01:04(for members only)
Sun Feb 16HourRush Kicker Gun CTF-BT-KG-HourRushTDN-Berserker16(for members only)
Sun Feb 16Rapid Kicker Gun CTF-BT-KG-Rapidv2
 Rating: 1
TDN-Berserker17(for members only)
Sat Feb 15The Rush Room: Room 3 CTF-BT-RushRoom3
 Rating: 2
fierd_609(for members only)
Thu Feb 13Shift NW ][ CTF-BT-Shift][NW
 Rating: 3
TDN-Berserker34(for members only)
Thu Feb 13BT : Volcanic Drift (i4games edition 2015) CTF-BT-Volcanicdrift_i4g-v2015
 Rating: 7
[i4g]killerultra09:12(for members only)
Tue Feb 11The Secret Sons of Europe CTF-BT-Uropia-v2
 Rating: 6
}ElitE{Bon02:59(for members only)
Tue Feb 11NwRush CTF-BT-HourRushNWV2*WeeDy*18(for members only)
Tue Feb 11Shift NW CTF-BT-ShiftNW
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*35(for members only)
Mon Feb 10PerilousFacility CTF-BT-PerilousFacility
 Rating: 6
!!Frit!!Viandel03:12(for members only)
Tue Jan 28Finite CTF-BT-FiniteV3
 Rating: 6
TDN-Berserker02:11(for members only)
Sun Jan 26NWBT - krank  CTF-BT-krank
 Rating: 4
TDN-Berserker02:18(for members only)
Tue Jan 21(bar)Wizard * By BarCode * CTF-BT-(bar)Wizard-Fix
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*25(for members only)
Mon Jan 20BT-Heartcollector CTF-BT-Heartcollector
 Rating: 3
TDN-Berserker01:14(for members only)
Sun Jan 19Shove You Up^^ CTF-BT-Extreme-X-fixed
 Rating: 3
*WeeDy*03:37(for members only)
Sun Jan 19Artifact CTF-BT-ArtifactV5
 Rating: 8
TDN-Berserker02:07(for members only)
Wed Jan 15Hot In Egypt CTF-BT-(XX)HotInEgypt(EV)
 Rating: 2
P.E.R.N02:42(for members only)
Wed Jan 15CTTT 2019 CTF-BT-CTTT(EV)2019
 Rating: 1
P.E.R.N01:25(for members only)
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Bold records are certified records made on the BunnyTrack Rush servers (BT3 and BT4)

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