Unreal Tournament

DemosDemos of the latest games played on the i4Games servers.291.86 MB
ModelsSkins and models 20.72 MB
Mods_MutatorsGame extensions used in i4Games servers.9.93 MB
i4Gamesi4Games server mod 2.89 MB
D3DTNSeDrv.zipTNSe's Direct3D support 65.52 KB
NPLoader_v11.zip130.22 KB
NPLoader_v11_with_UTDCPlus_v10.zip218.81 KB
UT436-OpenGLDrv-090602.zip33.57 KB
UTBonusPack1.zip13.82 MB
UTBonusPack2.zip1.52 MB
UTBonusPack4.zip14.23 MB
UTCacheCleaner3.zip2.79 MB
UTDCPlusv10beta.u127.78 KB
UTDCv12b.zip63.91 KB
UTDCv13.zip76.50 KB
UTDCv15.zip205.12 KB
UTDCv16b.zip233.19 KB
UTDCv17c.zip331.33 KB
UTDCv18.zip345.48 KB
UTDCv20c.zip407.41 KB
UTDCv21.zip459.96 KB
UTInoxxPack.zip4.84 MB
UTPGPatch451.exeThe latest patch from the UTPG team. 3.45 MB
UTPGPatch451.tar.bz2The latest patch from the UTPG team (Linux clients). 2.92 MB
UTPGPatch451.zipThe latest patch from the UTPG team. 2.95 MB
UTSystemSelect.zip5.82 MB
bonuspack4fix313files.zip19.38 KB
opengldrv.zipLatest OpenGL drivers for Unreal Tournament. Simply extract the .dll file into the System folder of UT.33.89 KB
terraedit.rar10.56 KB
utglr27.zip45.27 KB
utglr32.zip47.54 KB
utpatch436.zipThe latest Epic official patch. 6.76 MB