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PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 07:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

we are back in operation Smile
project lead -> Chatouille and scoob.
i'll be luriking from the background overlooking that things don't go to crazy.

These guys are killing it btw!


1. Player can drop personal respawn point by holding keybind (O) for one second while standing still. Respawn point saves hp and inventory upon placement. When respawning on a personal checkpoint, player enters "Practice Mode". In practice mode, map checkpoints are disabled, and finishing map will not count as a point nor a record. To get out of practice mode, restart map either by finishing it or via keybind.

2. A third line on HUD now shows your last run time (including practice mode)

3. Other player characters will now fade out when they get close to you
<TODO: consolecommand to disable/enable this>


1. Changed "restart" keybind to BACKSPACE instead of P

2. Changed respawn keybind to P instead of O. This one can be rebound to any key with the command "Suicide"

3. Scoring no longer happens during warmup (but records still count)

4. Match will not end upon scoring during overtime. Scores are compared at the end of each overtime
<TODO: test this>

5. Moved timer to the top-right corner of HUD. Team scores are now displayed on top like default gamemodes. Removed bunny team scores on the right


1. Fixed key/door multiplayer bug where only one person could open doors (MovementTraining issue)

2. Buttons should no longer push themselves into the wall when triggered multiple times

3. Player weapons should no longer randomly disappear when somebody else falls into a BT Killzone (AirRace issue)

4. Removed same-team collision entirely

5. Checkpoint sounds and buttons sounds are now spatialized

6. Respawn rotation should now match checkpoint rotation as defined by mapper (only planar, no Z rotation)

7. Players should now respawn on their team spawns if any (AirRace issue)

8. <TODO: properly fetch leaderboard on map start, and player's record upon connect>


1. When restarting map, game now uses standard respawning system, which generates an entirely new Character. When using checkpoints, game currently still relies on PreventDeath + teleporting.

2. Gamemode now entirely handles death and respawn/checkpoints, meaning you can (and should) use standard Killzones instead of BT Killzones (unless ofc you need triggerable killzone)

3. Checkpoints can no longer give HP or inventory. Their sole purpose is to store character state when activated. Use health bases and inventory volumes or gates instead. (Gates have a new GateType "None" for that purpose)

4. Instead of using a hidden trigger to start loopmovers, start them from BeginPlay in the Level Blueprint.
<TODO: check if that actually works in multiplayer late-join>

5. ElectricZone is deprecated. Use BT Killzone instead and check "is Electric Zone" property. Electricity effect and audio will now match the ZoneSize box. If ZoneSize gets too big and effect doesn't properly cover area, reduce ZoneSize by half and set Scale to 2.0. Keep in mind particles are scaled uniformly based on X scale.

6. Lots of things have been changed in order to decouple mapping assets from gamemode. See specific post for details
<TODO: make stuff below into a post or something, don't clutter patchnotes with it>

7. Before cooking, remove BT Gamemode from world settings so the map can be cooked without the gamemode in it.

├ BT
│ ├ Gamemode
│ │ ├ BT_Game
│ │ ├ BT_GameState
│ │ ├ BT_Character
│ │ └ ...
│ ├ Map
│ │ ├ Textures
│ │ ├ Materials
│ │ ├ Sounds
│ │ ├ Effects
│ │ └ Blueprints
│ │ ├ BP_BTGate
│ │ ├ BP_BTCheckpoint
│ │ ├ BP_BTLeaderboard
│ │ └ ...
│ ├ Shared
│ │ ├ IC_Checkpoint
│ │ ├ IC_PracticeMode
│ │ ├ IC_Gate
│ │ └ IC_Leaderboard
│ └

These are components included in map blueprints that need some sort of communication channel with the gamemode.
They use solely event delegation to avoid making any link between gamemode and assets.
Some events are meant to be triggered by parent object, and listened by gamemode.
Some events are meant to be triggered by gamemode, and listened by parent object.
On map load, gamemode fetches all these components on map and sets them up. Gamemode does not know about the parent object.

Example for checkpoints :
- /BT/Map/Blueprints/BP_BTCheckpoint is a blueprint object that includes component /BT/Shared/IC_Checkpoint
- on map load, gamemode finds the IC_Checkpoint component and binds event "Assign Checkpoint To"
- when overlap is triggered, parent object triggers event "Assign Checkpoint To" on component
- when gamemode accepts to assign player checkpoint, it triggers "Assigned To" on component. Parent object listens to this and plays effect and sound.
- when gamemode respawns player at checkpoint, it triggers "Modify Player" on component.

Contains all objects for mappers.
They are not referenced by gamemode, nor reference gamemode.
Objects that require special gamemode interaction (like gates, checkpoints, and leaderboards) rely on interface-components in Shared instead.
You can build new objects as you wish as long as they are not referencing gamemode. Include interface-components from Shared and listen to their events.
If something is missing, PM me and I may expose the properties you need via event delegation in a new interface-component, for the next version. Updates should be much quicker when I don't need to migrate all maps.

Contains all gamemode-related assets, cooked into the gamemode. These objects should not be referenced anywhere in the map.
This folder is part of the mapping kit only so you can set gamemode BT_Game in world settings to test in PIE.
Make sure to remove BT_Game from world settings before cooking.


1. Most interactibles (buttons) are still shared multiplayer instances, meaning one player triggers button and other players can benefit from it (movers, jumppads, damage zones). Due to technical limitations, triggered movers will stay that way. But pads and zones are to be changed to individual instances.

list will grow, mebbe admin change topicname to "UT4 - BunnyTrack Development" 'ish name..



PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 16:25    Post subject: Reply with quote

thumbs up, interesting to see the development in more detail
maybe some day i will check it out


i4Games Trusteei4Games Trustee
PostPosted: Tue Mar 06, 2018 17:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

irridium77 wrote:
[...] mebbe admin change topicname to "UT4 - BunnyTrack Development" 'ish name..

Aren't you able to do that yourself by editing the first post of the topic?


PostPosted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 09:49    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi there,
Begin copy pasta.

Chatouille: Heeeeyy, nothing has been said for months, so it's time to update you guys Razz

irridium is stepping out of BT dev in order to travel around the world. I'm taking over because someone has to, and I have no life so I fits. Now you get to blame me for things that go wrong Razz

On a brighter note,
We are currently rolling out the new version with some new features, improvements and bugfixes! Check out #patch-notes for details! Patch includes 4 new maps : BT-Crack and BT-Radioactive by myself (chatouille) and BT-Indus and BT-Joust by irri. Avoid BT-Crack if you care about your mental or physical sanity.

As you may (not) know, BT is currently being hosted on TheFragNetwork which has 3 hubs. The first one is entirely controlled by our friend Supsun, but is not 24/7 to save precious :dollar:. Patch has been deployed onto this one already. The other two TFN hubs are 24/7 but Supsun may not exactly have full control of them, and they are currently experiencing issues (downloads) which will have to be sorted out first :neutral_face:

If you wanna make some BT map(s), don't wait! Open editor, place a cube here, another there, and you made your first BT jump! Look at BT-AirRace : pretty simplistic, easy to build, no difficult lighting/texturing works, and yet a pretty good BT map - can't be that hard, right? Show me something that looks half playable and you'll earn your bt mapping kit, so you can place gates, checkpoints, and fancy stuff like buttons and triggered jumppads

1. Other player characters will now fade out when they get close to you. This can be toggled on/off with command "mutate fadeplayers"

1. Reduced movers sounds volume and range drastically

1. Leaderboard should properly be filled on map start, as well as player's own record upon connecting

With the recent implementation of personal checkpoints (droppable anywhere), the map checkpoints could be seen as becoming obsolete. I believe map checkpoints can be an interesting addition, and decided to go a slightly different path from what was planned.

Map checkpoints are considered to be part of the map and player will be allowed to score points and register records if he used only map checkpoints (like it has been the case so far, actually).

In short :
* when player uses personnal checkpoints, finishing the map will not score a point nor register time record.
* if player finishes using only map checkpoints, point counts and record is registered.

Placing checkpoints in map has now become completely optional. It's up to the mapper to decide whether he wants to add "legit" respawn points in the middle of the run. A map without checkpoints will be considerably harder to finish (ie. to score team points and get a record in), but players will be able to practice jumps individually anyways, thanks to personnal checkpoints.


1. Most interactibles (buttons) are still shared multiplayer instances, meaning one player triggers button and other players can benefit from it (movers, jumppads, damage zones). Due to technical limitations, triggered movers will have to remain this way. But pads and zones are going to be changed to individual instances.

2. Race conditions may mess things up at locked doors when several players try to cross at the same time. The intent is to block players who don't have the key, even when door was opened by a player who has it. However the blocking mechanism is a bit wonky and will be reworked to be entirely reliable.

3. BT MultiLights (or, in general, dynamic lights) do not work with Simple Forward Shading (which lots of ppl use for better FPS). I don't know if this is fixable so use them with caution, cosmetic-only! Avoid lighting-based puzzles.

4. BT Binds no worky when keys are already bound

5. Loading personnal record upon join still fails sometimes

/end copy pasta.
have a nice day, see you soon.


PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 21:14    Post subject: UPDATED to BT v4.1
Reply with quote


Santa brings us: Updates! Spectator sytem!


1. First prototype for ingame spectator system - type "mutate spec" to enter in spec mode. The rest should be pretty straightforward.
RIP maps secrets Sad


1. Added more HUD hint/message about Practice Mode

2. Reworked custom-cp placement widget to be more obvious to understand

3. Restored ragdolls on death, which you can instagib the shit out of (aw yiss) - comes with an antispam because the respawn is unrestricted

4. Game now displays a warning if the instance is running non-allowed mutators, meaning records won't be saved to database (it was already the case but without the warning)


1. Custom-cp should now be removed at end of warmup and when player quits

2. BT binds should now work even if something is already bound (both actions will occur)

3. Personnal best record should now properly load when player joins. Might come with a delay

4. Gamemode should not eat "mutate" commands from other mutators anymore

cheers irri

EDIT: looking for creative souls who'd like to help/design the UT4BT logo
I've been shamelessly repurposing the bunny logo till now..


Wicked Sick!!Wicked Sick!!
PostPosted: Fri Mar 30, 2018 07:01    Post subject: Reply with quote



PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2018 04:13    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Ho, Greetings from Thailand Smile

Development for BT has taken a great step forward with added functionality for: in-game spectating, personal checkpoints major fixes on Movers, Buttons, Respawn rotation, Timers, Scoreboard issues and spatialisation of sounds.

Addition of some actors like: Keys and Forcefield, Re-vamped and customisable Triggers, support for Boots and Powerups, Old-school arrow cannons like UT99 Wink
BT4.4 is at your doorstep.

In order to keep us motivated we listed a vote on the Discord server to what you'd like to see done first.
Follow this link to enter our discord and cast a quick vote in #todo-vote
https://discord.gg/x49Upvz - UT4BT , feel free to stick around.

General Info:
BT for UT4 is playable online, the HUBS total 19maps right now, the community is about 150members. - MAPPERS ARE VERY WELCOME, we will coach you and teach you the ins and outs of the UT4 editor and the BT mapping toolkit.

USA -> Search for Absolute (BunnyTrack) or quickconnect to absolutei.us.to
EU -> Search for TFN (bunnytrack) in the UT4 server browser.
UT4 FREE DOWNLOAD: https://www.epicgames.com/site/en-US/home (right upper corner 'Get epic games" -> download launcher, and download UT from inside it)

Kind Regards
Irri and the BT dev team Wink
Ps i'll post some map pics soon, but i really gtta run to the bathroom now

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