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PostPosted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 17:18    Post subject: Map rating
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hello I was under the impression I capped a rt10 map
Being as tho it was a rt10 and I capped (cn)nineeleven
It was a rt10 but before I capped this map other players had
Capped this map and it stayed at rt10
Knowing I bust my ass and fingernails capping this map
To then have the rt changed i was so gutted yesterday
To see that this map was rated lower
I'd like this to stop happening and get the maps ratings sorted
Before a woman caps then it gets changed i might not have a pair of balls between my legs but I wear my balls on my chest
Think that this needs sorting out as I am totally gutted
I was so proud of that cap and to have it dropped like that


PostPosted: Sat Jul 18, 2020 18:29    Post subject: Reply with quote


As far as i remember this happened before with maps like Haryuu-No or Belalou, being D10 in a moment and then lowered, normally cause they are new maps and they are waiting for players feedback so admins can adjust the Difficulty regarding those comments.

In this particular case i think nineeleven have always been a D8, so no recently changes ¿?


i4Games Trusteei4Games Trustee
PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 12:39    Post subject: Reply with quote

NineEleven has been a D8 for as long as I can remember.

I also haven't changed any ratings recently.


PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 16:09    Post subject: Ok
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I was under the impression it was a d10
My mistake
Also inca was a d10 now that was changed
Also a few others have been changed to
And not new maps either they are old maps since 2009
If anything should get an elite player to rate them as they are good players but for a novice such as myself . capping a really hard map then demoting the map thats not fair is it ......


i4Games Admini4Games Admin
PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 03:08    Post subject: Reply with quote

"I was under the impression it was a d10
My mistake "

And now you do the same with Inca...
Already told you that Inca was never a D10 (maybe at his max CN rated it D6).
If you keep don't believe me just pm CN Wink

Some D2 were raising to D3 in the past after your advices, seem you don't like when it goes in the opposite way.

You should understand that ratings are changing sometimes, especially with older maps.

Don't hesitate to pm when u disagree about some ratings but don't begin to make a #meeto about ratings lol.

Ratings are here as indications, they can't be perfect, they differ between each players according to them skills and many other factors.


PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2020 03:56    Post subject: nice#
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was not a #meeto what ever that means
i really did think nineeleven was a d10 like i said was my mistake
i apologise for this
i do understand maps get rated down some times i no
bite my head off pern Wink

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