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i4Games Head Admini4Games Head Admin
PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2003 16:36    Post subject: i4Games Forum Rules
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Welcome to the i4Games forums!
Please help us growing a great community by following the following rules:

  • Be nice and respect the others.
  • No illegal material. No porn, warez, cracks, serials, etc.
  • Correct expression. Only English will be tolerated here. Try to express yourself in the most correct manner. Avoid abbreviations and swear words as much as possible. We will (and you shall) respect non-native English speaker though.
  • Read before posting. Before asking a question, ensure it has not been asked before. Also, when you are searching for specific things, have a look at Google first.
  • Use descriptive subjects. When you start a topic, make a subject that describes it at best. Avoid topics like "help!", etc.
  • Stay on topic. We did not create rooms for nothing. So use them wisely. Also, respect the threads topic. If you want to talk about something else (i.e. off-topic), then start a new thread.
  • Do not spam. Spammers are not tolerated here. And do not cross-post between the forum rooms. Posts that contains only "lol", "rofl", "agree!", etc. (one-word posts) or posts only commenting someone's avatar will be deleted as well.
  • Do not quote the previous message. For the sake of readability, avoid quoting when it's not necessary. Do not quote the previous message. Only quote when you're replying to an older message. Please quote only the relevant part. Avoid quoting images as well unless they're no more visible because of the pagination.
  • Enjoy yourself!


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