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  1. General rules
  2. Team games rules
  3. BunnyTrack-specific rules
  4. Relics use
  5. Sanctions
  6. Notes

1. General rules

  • Account policy
    Only one account per person. Do not share your account. Do not use multiple accounts.
    If you enter false information in your account it will be disabled until you fix it and an admin re-activates it.
    If you abuse our services by creating several accounts on purpose, you will be banned.
  • Do not cheat
    Players caught cheating will be banned for life. Cheats include (but are not limited to) aimbots, triggerbots, nick stealers, taunt or text spammers, skin hacks, server hacks, laggers, etc.
    Any external program or device used to give an unfair advantage compared to the other players is forbidden.
    Disabling the dynamic lightning on a BunnyTrack server is not allowed.
  • Respect the other players
    Do not insult or abuse other players. Verbal violence and racism are not tolerated.
  • Respect and obey the trustees and admins
    The trustees and admins represent the server rules. So you must respect them. Failing to do so will result in a ban.
  • Do not spoil the fun
    Repetitive (flag / lift) camping, assrunning, respawn killing, lift triggering, suicide commiting as well as spamming (taunt or text), ignoring a team-balancing request (5 vs 7 for instance) and anything that negatively affects the gameplay is not accepted.
  • Do not idle
    Getting a spot on a server is sometimes difficult. But it is not a reason to idle to keep your spot until you are back from toilet/shopping/phone/etc.
    If you want to watch a team mate for a long period, please go as spectator.
  • Be fair and have fun!

2. Team games rules

  • Respect your team
    You are not alone on the server, so you have to take care of your team mates. Playing solo or for the sake of making points is never a success.
    Do not team kill (TK), i.e. do not shoot on a teammate making him/her die other than for trying to make him/her crossing a difficulty.
    Note that making someone fall from a spot is assimilated to team killing even if the player does not die.
    Staying in water after a fall making players die because they fall on you is also TK.
    Do not stay purposely on a teleport exit or in the way when only one player can pass at the time.
  • Play for your team
    You must play in order to support your team. Do not play for your only benefit - there are DeathMatch servers for that.

3. BunnyTrack-specific rules

  • Respect your team
    Do not shoot on your team mates and respect your turn when you go on movers, lift, etc.
  • Respect the other team
    Do not frag players of the other teams thru little holes in the wall/window seperating the 2 teams.
    Do not cross the seperation between the 2 teams unless it is designed by the mapper (i.e. arena).
  • Respect the map/mapper
    It is forbidden to use map bugs to make a huge shortcut to difficulties, or to capture the flag several times without re-doing the whole map path. Skipping a key in a BT+ map is also forbidden. (Unless the key is not normally required by design.)
    Rather than doing that, please report the bug(s) to Protected e-mail.

4. Relics use

  • Speed relic
    Do not keep the speed relic when you defend. Your attacking team mates will need it more than you.
  • Vengeance relic
    Do not repetitively suicide when you have the vengeance relic unless if it is to boost or protect your team flag carrier. Suiciding repetitively with the vengeance relic only to make personal points will not be tolerated.

5. Sanctions

CheatingBan for life
Bad behaviour
(not respecting the above rules)
Warning or Kick
Bad behaviour after a Warning or KickBan for a month
Bad behaviour after a banBan for life
Extreme annoyance
(defined by the sole decision of trustees/admins)
Ban for a month

6. Notes

Just like you, admins are human beings, so they can make mistakes. So if you feel you have been kicked or banned by mistake, a polite discussion is always welcome. For this purpose, you can use your profile messageing system or contact us on #i4Games.admins on QuakeNet.
Any non-polite request will be ignored.

"Good people do not need laws to act responsibly,
while bad people need laws to break them.
" -Plato

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