BT: Remnants Of Tartarus Easy Version v2, by SAFeSTeRBT-TartarusEZ-v2
BT: Remnants Of Tartarus Easy Version v2, by SAFeSTeR

Author: Sir.SAFeSTeR
Added:Sun May 17 at 14:43

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Posted: Sat May 30 at 13:09

This easy version reminds me of the original map and how punishing it is. The hard version could very well be a rating 8 or 9 in disguise.
You have made it too easy, which is welcoming in some places. Such as the many recovery teleports, the non-crushing crushers and the nali fruits.
I dont understand why this map doesnt get more airtime, but as you pointed out, nowadays maps are being treated like one-hit wonders.
As Keidi Klum on Project Runway would say: 'One day you're in & the next day you're out.'
Thanks for making a more easy going modification.

And boom goes the dynamite!
CTF-BT-TartarusEZ > CTF-BT-TartarusEZ-v2

Posted: Wed May 13 at 19:01

Thank you Patrik for your feedback.

I have also had that same issue where the obstacle does not reset while testing this and other maps offline and I'm yet to figure out exactly why it happens.

The obstacle uses toggle triggers to start the sequence and when a target is missed or the sequence is completed, either one will again toggle the start to reset. However, what I think happens is that the target is shot at the exact time it deactivates so it triggers both the next sequence as well as the obstacle reset, but because the sequence continues it will at some point trigger the start toggle again effectively switching the obstacle to 'off', if that makes sense?

I made it like this for 2 reasons: first, other players cannot start the sequence while another is trying it, second, players don't have to wait ages after a failed attempt if the start was deactivated for the full length of time to complete the sequence. Changing the obstacle to one of these methods will likely fix the issue but I do think it's rather unlucky and rare for this problem to happen (as far as I know) so am wondering how necessary a fix is?

I will look into all issues when I attempt to fix the map.

Posted: Tue May 12 at 21:56

I enjoyed this map, considering that i haven't played the normal version yet, well, i tried it today, both really nice, the effect at the beggining is godlike.

I didn't experience any problem with the rotating mover but i did have on the last laser room with 3 shoots, suddenly the button stop working and remain "pressed" and half of the blue lasers dissapear so unable to continue teh sequence and cap, thats weird, idl if somebody got that situation aswell.

Anyways awesome map.

Posted: Tue May 12 at 13:11

Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad someone has mentioned the dynamite, I'm quite proud of that effect and it took some time to get right, shame it only happens once per side per game.

Regarding the mover issue, when myself and PERN tested this online prior to release I didn't have any problems with it, only PERN said 'lag' once but didn't explain why and we both agreed map was good to release. However, when I played it a couple of hours later I did also experience some 'lag' while jumping the poles in that room.

In the regular map version there are problems with both rotating movers, visually they look like they've stopped but do continue to rotate invisibly, I'm not sure which problem is worse. I will test some more and hopefully get some more feedback before deciding what to do about it.

Killing spreeKilling spree
Posted: Tue May 12 at 10:03 Useful

Seeing this first time, it looks really good. Nice terrain, dynamite, temple etc. Just part 8; "grim spindle" fucks me over. I think it's the rotating mover, but with fine ping, as soon as I jump the poles it feels like I'm lagging out every time, making the obstacle a lot harder then it should be.. Anyone else experiencing this?

Posted: Mon May 11 at 21:27

Great job at making an easier version. I feel like this does indeed justice to the map. Though as you pointed out, maybe it's a bit too 'SAFe' at this moment Wink.

Posted: Mon May 11 at 20:44

Thanks PERN & Roel for the help.

General fixes / changes:
Added Nali Fruits after the laser shaft / magma pit.
Fire dodge made easier (after this point it's almost impossible to die unless you're extremely unlucky or stupid Smile)
Bouncer velocity increased at side dodge / shot.
Spinning movers fixed.
Anti-(Pawel)-crater device made easier.
Mover speeds reduced.
Pupaes removed and escape routes added.
Lava zones changed to teleporter zones.
Teleporters added to most crushers and lasers.

For anyone that's interested there is a full list of changes / fixes in the readme if you download the map file.

Personally I think it's too easy now but I didn't see the point of having recovery in some rooms while others can still kill so I may even release a 'medium version' keeping the easier mover times but removing the recovery teleporters.