Bunny-Track Records

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WhenMapRatingMemberRecordYour time
Sun Aug 20NutsForJonesy!-fix CTF-BT+NutsForJonesy!-fix
 Rating: 1
fierd_229.651(for members only)
Sat Aug 19Star Guardians CTF-BT-StarGuardians-vF
 Rating: 1
}ElitE{HellFire`14.971(for members only)
Thu Aug 17Bunny Track : Goblin Mine (i4games edition) CTF-BT-=Goblin[Mine]_i4g
 Rating: 4
fierd_201:48.910(for members only)
Wed Aug 16BT-DodgeAndJump-vF CTF-BT-DodgeAndJump-vF2
 Rating: 1
fierd_517.245(for members only)
Wed Aug 16KittyCorner CTF-BT-KittyCornerV2
 Rating: 1
fierd_251.697(for members only)
Wed Aug 16(Dom)Skills CTF-BT+(Dom)Skills
 Rating: 3
fierd_201:25.179(for members only)
Tue Aug 15([KH])CityBits-Fix CTF-BT-([KH])CityBits-Fix
 Rating: 2
fierd_256.912(for members only)
Tue Aug 15SpaceAdventures CTF-BT-SpaceAdventures-v3
 Rating: 1
fierd_540.966(for members only)
Tue Aug 15BT-[BLK]-RelaxAndCap CTF-BT-[BLK]-RelaxAndCap-fix
 Rating: 2
fierd_501:16.469(for members only)
Tue Aug 15BT-Hilltop base (fix3) CTF-BT-HillTop-fix3
 Rating: 2
fierd_201:04.898(for members only)
Tue Aug 15BT-(C)Imperial CTF-BT-(C)Imperial-dbl
 Rating: 1
fierd_535.091(for members only)
Fri Aug 11InsaneSlide-EZ CTF-BT-InsaneSlide-EZ-dblmAus`03.999(for members only)
Fri Aug 11Base of Speed CTF-BT-BaseOfSpeed-vF
 Rating: 1
fierd_527.905(for members only)
Fri Aug 11AfterLife CTF-BT-AfterLife
 Rating: 1
fierd_549.585(for members only)
Thu Aug 10BT : Gothik Convent CTF-BT-GothikConvent-V2
 Rating: 7
fierd_602:15.462(for members only)
Thu Aug 10BT-BiohazardTroysRoom (dbl) CTF-BT-BiohazardTroysRoom_dbl
 Rating: 2
fierd_527.733(for members only)
Thu Aug 10BT-Mordor CTF-BT-mordor
 Rating: 2
RTG44.015(for members only)
Thu Aug 10BT-TechDiff-v5 CTF-BT-TechDiff-v5
 Rating: 4
RTG01:39.659(for members only)
Thu Aug 10Television Rules The Nation CTF-BT-TelevisionRulezNation-v2
 Rating: 2
RTG48.789(for members only)
Wed Aug 09BT-Somber-v4 CTF-BT-Somber-v4
 Rating: 7
fierd_541.931(for members only)
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Bold records are certified records made on the BunnyTrack Rush servers (BT3 and BT4)

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