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WhenMapRatingMemberRecordYour time
TodayBT-Capitulum CTF-BT-Capitulum
 Rating: 2
fierd_650.035(for members only)
Sat Jan 20XpanD's BT Tutorial map - made possible by many dedicated translators! CTF-BT-AnIntroToBT-fix
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*37.582(for members only)
Thu Jan 18-=DSM=-HotStuff CTF-BT-=DSM=-HotStuff
 Rating: 3
}ElitE{Hell`51.732(for members only)
Thu Jan 18}-NEP-{HotStuff CTF-BT-(NEP)HotStuff
 Rating: 2
}ElitE{Hell`50.895(for members only)
 Rating: 3
*WeeDy*26.090(for members only)
Sun Jan 14BT : NewbyReloaded CTF-BT-(W)NewbyReloaded
 Rating: 3
fierd_201:08.890(for members only)
Sat Jan 13BunnyTrack: Slip-n-Slide CTF-BT-Slip-n-Slide-i4g-v2}ElitE{Bon08.150(for members only)
Sat Jan 13BunnyTrack: Insane Slide V1 (Short Version) CTF-BT-InsaneSlide-HV
 Rating: 4
*WeeDy*08.764(for members only)
Sat Jan 13Some Thing CTF-BT-Some-Thing-v3
 Rating: 1
fierd_251.009(for members only)
Sat Jan 13Bunny Track-Jigga CTF-BT-Jigga
 Rating: 3
fierd_201:18.899(for members only)
Fri Jan 12BT+(ow)Bounceng-v3 CTF-BT+(ow)Bounceng-v3
 Rating: 4
*WeeDy*27.424(for members only)
Fri Jan 12BT : Storm-Base-v2 CTF-BT-(K)Storm-Base-v2
 Rating: 4
}ElitE{Bon01:44.163(for members only)
Wed Jan 10Ice Race CTF-BT-IceRun
 Rating: 5
*WeeDy*01:21.553(for members only)
Tue Jan 09Nightcall CTF-BT-Nightcall
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*01:01.332(for members only)
Tue Jan 09JumpBounceForEveryOne! CTF-BT-(bar)Race
 Rating: 2
*WeeDy*24.772(for members only)
Tue Jan 09StormSurge CTF-BT-StormSurge
 Rating: 2
}ElitE{Mike`45.712(for members only)
Mon Jan 08Poverty CTF-BT-Poverty-v2
 Rating: 5
fierd_205:02.626(for members only)
Sat Jan 06 NoobLand CTF-BT-(I)NoobLand
 Rating: 1
fierd_210.369(for members only)
Sat Jan 06Bunny Track : Five Kings Valley (v2) CTF-BT-(CN)FiveKingsValley-v2
 Rating: 7
}ElitE{Bon01:57.032(for members only)
Sat Jan 06TK (v1b) CTF-BT-TK-v1b
 Rating: 3
}ElitE{Bon42.890(for members only)
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Bold records are certified records made on the BunnyTrack Rush servers (BT3 and BT4)

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