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WhenMapRatingMemberRecordYour time
Sun Dec 08BT-DODGENG][ CTF-BT-(ow)Dodgeng][-v2
 Rating: 3
*WeeDy*30.843(for members only)
Sun Dec 08BT-DouceLueur CTF-BT-DouceLueur
 Rating: 4
P.E.R.N02:49.357(for members only)
Fri Dec 06BT-TabulaRasa CTF-BT-TabulaRasa
 Rating: 1
TDN-Berserker35.290(for members only)
Thu Dec 05BT : Lacei][ CTF-BT-Lacei][-fix
 Rating: 2
Addic7ed01:25.006(for members only)
Thu Dec 05Perfect1 CTF-BT-Perfect1-v2
 Rating: 1
Addic7ed20.467(for members only)
Thu Dec 05Haux CTF-BT-HauxV3
 Rating: 9
TDN-Berserker02:29.469(for members only)
Mon Dec 02Deteriorate CTF-BT-DeteriorateV3
 Rating: 5
!!Frit!!Viandel12:09.625(for members only)
Thu Nov 28(Fran)Franconion.- CTF-BT-(Fran)Franconion
 Rating: 1
*WeeDy*05.969(for members only)
Thu Nov 28BT-Church][v2 CTF-BT-Church][v2
 Rating: 2
P.E.R.N02:10.252(for members only)
Tue Nov 26BT-Solitude-Bonus CTF-BT-SolitudeBonus
 Rating: 2
*WeeDy*05:13.910(for members only)
Mon Nov 25SpeedRun3 CTF-BT-SpeedRun3v2
 Rating: 6
}ElitE{Bon01:45.583(for members only)
Thu Nov 21BunnyTrack: Insane Slide V1 (Short Version) CTF-BT-InsaneSlide-HV
 Rating: 4
*WeeDy*08.735(for members only)
Thu Nov 21WhyRushLvL2 CTF-BT-WhyRushLvL2
 Rating: 3
Addic7ed01:58.851(for members only)
Thu Nov 21Small_Map][ CTF-BT-Small_Map][
 Rating: 1
Addic7ed40.981(for members only)
Thu Nov 21BT-(S)-IceFortress (i4g version) CTF-BT-IceFortress-i4g
 Rating: 3
Addic7ed02:16.622(for members only)
Wed Nov 20(RSK)-MoreFun CTF-BT-(RSK)-MoreFun-fix2
 Rating: 7
Addic7ed02:14.929(for members only)
Thu Nov 14ZCastle49 CTF-BT-ZCastle49-VF
 Rating: 2
*WeeDy*39.615(for members only)
Sun Nov 10TempleEscape CTF-BT-TempleEscapeVF
 Rating: 3
}ElitE{Bon02:00.975(for members only)
Wed Nov 06BT-Donnie CTF-BT-(Don)Donnie-v1
 Rating: 10
}ElitE{Bon03:49.164(for members only)
Tue Nov 05(CN)SixteenYards (Easy Version) CTF-BT+(CN)SixteenYards-EZ
 Rating: 8
}ElitE{Bon08:41.491(for members only)
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Bold records are certified records made on the BunnyTrack Rush servers (BT3 and BT4)

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