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WhenMapRatingMemberRecordYour time
TodayBT-Easter Schmeaster v.2 CTF-BT-EasterSchmeaster-v2
 Rating: 2
*WeeDy*26.028(for members only)
TuesdayShift Kicker Gun CTF-BT-KG-ShiftNuLL50.654(for members only)
MondaySiberia Run CTF-BT-SiberiaRunFranky`11.949(for members only)
MondayDudah Rush CTF-BT-DudahRushh
 Rating: 1
Franky`40.316(for members only)
Monday(Q)Discus CTF-BT-(Q)Discus
 Rating: 1
Franky`26.954(for members only)
MondayBT-DreamOfHer CTF-BT-DreamOfHer-PinkEdition
 Rating: 4
Franky`01:13.303(for members only)
MondayBT-DreamOfHer CTF-BT-DreamForHer
 Rating: 7
Franky`01:31.721(for members only)
Sat May 23Bunny Track - rp0_V2 CTF-BT-rp0_V2
 Rating: 2
Franky`48.196(for members only)
Sat May 23Bunny Track - rp0_V1 CTF-BT-rp0_V1
 Rating: 2
Franky`45.767(for members only)
Sat May 23RushThis 2020 CTF-BT-RushThis2020
 Rating: 1
Franky`19.551(for members only)
Tue May 19Icon Kicker Gun CTF-BT-KG-IconV3NuLL01:06.238(for members only)
Mon May 18Preludio CTF-BT-Preludio-dbl
 Rating: 1
Franky`38.695(for members only)
Mon May 18BT-Blueberrycaek CTF-BT-Blueberrycaek-vF
 Rating: 3
Franky`43.690(for members only)
Mon May 18Rapid Kicker Gun CTF-BT-KG-Rapidv2
 Rating: 1
}ElitE{Bon12.764(for members only)
Mon May 18NuttyRush CTF-BT-NuttyRush
 Rating: 1
}ElitE{Bon10.558(for members only)
Mon May 18Ocean Run CTF-BT-OceanRun}ElitE{Hell`13.156(for members only)
Sun May 17Shift NW CTF-BT-ShiftNW
 Rating: 1
TDN-Berserker29.912(for members only)
Sun May 17BT-Toxination CTF-BT-Toxination-dbl
 Rating: 3
Franky`42.652(for members only)
Sun May 17BerlinWall CTF-BT-(DN)-BerlinWall
 Rating: 1
Franky`43.859(for members only)
Sun May 17BT-[T-BiG]M4xPP CTF-BT-[T-BiG]M4xPP-fix
 Rating: 4
Franky`40.118(for members only)
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Bold records are certified records made on the BunnyTrack Rush servers (BT3 and BT4)

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