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WhenMapRatingMemberRecordYour time
WednesdayBT - Circumscribe CTF-BT-Circumscribe
 Rating: 6
fierd_501:58.887(for members only)
WednesdayEnd CTF-BT-ENDv3
 Rating: 9
fierd_501:57.182(for members only)
WednesdayEnd EasyMode CTF-BT-ENDez
 Rating: 7
fierd_501:57.651(for members only)
TuesdayBT-Flagrant CTF-BT-Flagrant!
 Rating: 9
fierd_502:03.622(for members only)
MondayDomicileV2 CTF-BT-DomicileV2
 Rating: 1
}ElitE{Mike`48.237(for members only)
Sun Apr 11SolarMoon CTF-BT-SolarMoon-vF
 Rating: 7
fierd_201:33.524(for members only)
Sun Apr 11Rook CTF-BT-Rook
 Rating: 7
fierd_501:42.794(for members only)
Sun Apr 11The Lost Journals CTF-BT-TheLostJournalCB
 Rating: 7
fierd_202:09.279(for members only)
Sun Apr 11HD CTF-BT-HD-dbl2
 Rating: 1
fierd_233.243(for members only)
Sun Apr 11FacadeCB CTF-BT-FacadeCB
 Rating: 6
fierd_501:44.456(for members only)
Sun Apr 11BT-Awash CTF-BT-Awash-v3
 Rating: 6
fierd_501:00.796(for members only)
Sun Apr 11Indifferent CTF-BT-IndifferentV4
 Rating: 5
fierd_501:59.249(for members only)
Sun Apr 11Slaughter CTF-BT-Slaughter-v2
 Rating: 8
fierd_502:36.751(for members only)
Sun Apr 11Faction-vF2 CTF-BT-Faction-vF2
 Rating: 2
fierd_201:04.891(for members only)
Sun Apr 11Decayed Collapse -ReMap- CTF-BT-RO-DecayedCollapse-v3
 Rating: 7
fierd_501:48.697(for members only)
Sat Apr 10EasyGoCap CTF-BT-EasyGoCap
 Rating: 2
fierd_250.663(for members only)
Sat Apr 10Perfect2 CTF-BT-Perfect2-v5
 Rating: 2
}ElitE{Mike`48.074(for members only)
Fri Apr 09Conflagration CTF-BT-ConflagrationBunneh`03:08.615(for members only)
Thu Apr 08Juncture CTF-BT-JunctureV3
 Rating: 7
Bunneh`02:02.886(for members only)
Wed Apr 07BT-SpeedRun2 CTF-BT-SpeedRun2-v2
 Rating: 2
-]iFS[-Finalzje^-44.908(for members only)
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Bold records are certified records made on the BunnyTrack Rush servers (BT3 and BT4)

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